Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Holiday Goodtidings :)

Major Makeup/Beauty Lemmings:

It's Christmas time...the time of giving and receiving, my friends. Since I've got my all my Christmas shopping done (except for my pups!) here's a list of what the beauty junkie in me will be dreaming of come Christmas Eve:

1. Urban Decay Sustainable Shadow Box

This gorgeous palette contains 10 UD eyeshadows and a mini version of their Primer potion in an eco friendly box. Pretty make up + artsty box + environmentally friendly makes for a happy MC. I am pretty darn sure I'm getting this beauty (Ok, I was in Sephora with my mom when she bought it...) and can't wait to experiment with the colors. I've always loved UD--they're really geniuses at marketing when it comes to attracting young, artistic buyers who want cool edgy not scary edgy.

2. Burberry Brit Perfume

Stye and size wise you really can not beat Burberry when it comes to perfumes. I'm trying to branch out on my fragrances. I usually do a sheer body splash or Escada's Into the Blue by day(which people are obsessed with...hello Marshalls) and Lancome's Tresor by night. Hopefully I'll be calling a Burberry Or just a Burberry perfume in general. They all smell amazing to me except for The Beat (too bad b/c I loved the ad campaign for that scent) and the packaging in divine. This perfume could be my newest love potion :)

3. Ugg Cardy Knit Boots

I know it's fashionable to hate Uggs but damn, these boots are cute. I love the versatility of being able to wear them pulled up or folded over combined with a classic knit style. The buttons are precious and boots just make me happy. Ugg's are ridiculously hard to find during the Christmas season (Neiman Marcus and the like limit buyers to four per household..ha). Hope to find some under my Xmas tree!

4. Gorgeously Green: Eight Simple Steps to an Earth-Friendly Lifestyle by Sophie Uliano

Not strictly a beauty product/purchase but definitely a handbook to appreciating natural beauty. I have been bitten by the green bug. It's a "trendy" cause but I've always secretly (or not so secretly to my close friends and family) natural sciences, the environment, and animals. I recently went vegetarian (I'm an animal with it) and wanted to decrease my carbon foot print.

5. ASPCA Membership

Ok, this one really doesn't fit the list. But like I said, I LOVE animals. I know some people think it's kooky but I just feel that animals are to be treasured and admired. As humans, I feel people should be the voice for animals. This doesn't mean adopting a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle but it DOES mean respecting other creatures and in turn, your fellow man. I get hyper passionate about this subject. In general, just do good :) Makes the world go round a little better for everyone.

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