Thursday, March 18, 2010

London, Liberty, and Loveliness

Target released their Liberty of London collection on March 14, generating a ton of buzz about Liberty of London's trademark gorgeous prints and florals. This is the first Target designer collection I've been really excited about. The prints are available in women's clothing, accessories (scarves, wallets, totes), bedding, housewares, swimwear, sleepwear, dining, decor, children's clothes, and even bikes! I was expecting for there to be so much Liberty of London wear to choose from and I love the variety!

I tried on several of the clothes even thought the selection was slightly picked through by the time I went to my local Target. The stand out pieces of Liberty London are the dresses! There are several to choose from and I selected this one:

I was not expecting to love this one shoulder dress as much as I do! It's a stunning fabric with solid construction (completely lined) and a flattering shape. I most like that the one shoulder style looks unusual but is quite wearable and highlights the face and shoulders (often one of the leaner parts of a woman's body). Also the tied waist perfectly defines your middle without cinching too much.

The dress retails for $34.99, a great price for this beautiful dress, and is made of 100% polyester. Usually, I hate polyester but I will say it works for this dress. The polyester looks more expensive than a cotton fabric would and will wear better (often Target's cotton dresses fall apart or pill quickly). I'm so happy I found a maxi dress that flatters me and that it just happens to be part of the Liberty of London collection.

I'll most likely style this dress with a tousled, casual updo, thin, gold hoops, and perhaps gold sandals. Any suggestions are welcome!

There are so many cute dresses with this line and I've provided some links to my other favorite pieces. I wish I could buy almost all from this line!

Smocked Top Maxi Dress in Pink Mark Large Scale Print
Smocked Top Tiered Ruffle Dress- Black Isis PrintBoho Drop Waist Drop Ruffle Top- Black Isis Print

I'm definitely going back to purchase one of the Liberty of London mugs and a few gifts for friends. I'm a big tea and coffee drinker and I know I'll look forward to using one of these pretty mugs!

The stationary and storage pieces would be great for day to day use or even a home office.

I hope you enjoyed my little review. Overall, I'd give the line a B+. These cheery prints should attract many customers although I know some will shy away from the brightness and prefer simplicity. The variety of choices is great, especially for a big box store like Target, the clothes fit generally true to size (perhaps even running a bit large), and are made well.

Check out this link from Liberty of London: to find the pattern that matches you best. My match was the peacock!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

TRESemme Conditioner: Oh La La!

Back to review a product that is definitely in my "holy grail" status!

I've used several different conditioners in the past few years, including conditioners by Herbal Essences, Redken, and Garnier. However, I haven't found any that I like better than TRESemme's B12 & Gelatin Anti-breakage conditioner for the results and price.

I have used TRESemme's B12 & Gelatin Anti-breakage conditioner as well as their Vitamin E Moisture Rich conditioner. I would highly recommend either but for my breakage prone hair, I prefer the B12 & gelatin conditioner.

The conditioner runs for about $5 at Target for a huge size (32 oz). I love the price which can't be beat and it definitely is "salon quality." I don't think you have to pay a pretty penny for hair products (or make up for that matter) that work well.

As a conditioner, B12 & Gelatin is thick and creamy and non-sticky. It doesn't weigh the hair down at all and my hair is quite fine. I recommend those with fine or thinning hair use a small amount of conditioner with enough to coat the ends.

Now onto the hair has grown at least three inches in the past three months since using this conditioner regularly. My hair does not grow quickly. I'm lucky if it grows half an inch per month and frequently have to cut off length due to split ends. My hair stylist was raving over how much my hair had grown when I went to see her this week and only took off a little in a trim. My hair has benefited so much for this conditioner!

I later found out that Dr. Gott recommends TRESemme conditioners for thinning hair/hair growth. You can read his article here (Be sure to scroll down to the middle of the page).

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Pros: Inexpensive, Effective, Creamy, Strengthening
Cons: None
Price: roughly $5
Size: 32 fl oz.