Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lily Pulitzer: Beachy Keen Fragrances

Sephora is now selling Lily Pulitzer's new fragrance line. The collection itself is made up of three scents: Wink, Beachy, and Squeeze in perfume, lotion, and candle form. I only saw the perfumes at Sephora but the candles and lotions are found Sephora and Pultizer's websites. The packaging is absolutely adorable. Each scent comes in an old fashion glass bottle with a matching ribbon around the stopper. Wink is a light pink, Beachy an aqua blue, and Squeeze a pale yellow shade. The stand out of the collection for me was Squeeze. I love citrus smells and Squeeze is a delicious burst of energizing orange. Wink is a light floral with notes of pear nectar, rose, lillies, and more. It's a very nice scent but didn't wow me as much as Squeeze. Beachy is an interesting mix of citrus and sea. I found this scent quite enjoyable but I feel it would be more easily duped than Squeeze. I think these fragrances are delightful, fitting in well with the lifestyle branding of Lily Pultizer.

Candles- $34 each
Body Lotion- $38
Perfume- 1.7 oz for $48/3.4 oz for $68
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(L to R:Beachy, Wink, Squeeze)

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Cathy Santarsiero, "The Christmas Corgi" said...

Such pretty bottles. I will have to check them out next trip to the mall :) xo -Cat ^..^