Thursday, May 21, 2009

Back, Back! And MAC- Attack!

There are probably cobwebs all over this blog! I have not updated in months. Not that many people read this blog but I do have a stat counter (*dun dun dun*) so I know that when I was posting often, I received at least a few hits.

But honestly, I'd probably keep this thing up or try to if only one person read it because writing about beauty and reading beauty blog is just a big hobby of mine.

Unfortunately, when I'm at school I generally don't have as much time to post. But it's summer now! I'm looking forward to re-vamping this blog.

I've already made a few summer beauty buys worth posting. They are....a Mineralized Blush from the Grand Duo Collection in 'Love Rock' ($22.50) and a LE Dazzle glass in 'Love Alert' ($18.00). Truly gorgeous. Check out some pictures of my purchases below to see.

I've already received a lot of compliments on my Love Alert lip gloss. This is my first dazzle glass and I'm very impressed! Honestly, I was not expecting much and figured the color would be too sheer to wear on it's own. Not too at all! It's a beautiful, sparkling raspberry red that is perfect for any time of year. Great color when you want some red in the summer without a full on red lip.

Here's a stock photo of the Double Dazzle collection. I might go back and get Steppin' Out or Funtablulous (purple-y toned gloss that is getting a lot of love from beauty gurus). But for now I'm enjoying Love Alert!

This photo seriously does not do the line justice. I'm going to refer you over to Temptalia's photos and descriptions---> Check out Double Dazzle photos!

Also, don't forget MAC's Style Warriors is released May 20 in stores and went live online on May 16. Very interesting collection! It's too deep and warm toned for me so I'll pass to save $$ but definetly check it out if you want some bronze-y goodness!

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