Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Orly Needs Better Writers

When it comes to upcoming beauty collections, companies need either great pictures to share and promote or an out of this world description to really grab the consumer's attention. So, Orly, I'm looking at you. What on earth were you talking about when you released this description of your Fall 2010 Plastix collection?

"ORLY, the company that continually pioneers the Nail Lacquer arena with the most cutting edge colors, technology and textures, introduces the Plastix Collection. Complementing the Fall 2010 runway looks that featured bright neon colors amid shiny black plastic, latex, and rubber reinventions of vintage must-haves, Plastix evokes the vintage classic trend with four new lacquers and a unique new formula that coats the nails with a smooth glossy matte “plastic” finish. The exclusive finish and texture is a first in the nail category, delivering a monochromatic, shiny and rubbery look that takes experimentation to an entirely new level, with the focus being on both the distinctive nail surface, as well as the latest in color trends. The unique look can not be achieved with color alone as the finish is a must for recreating the true “plastic” statement."

Let's take a peak in the Webster dictionary shall we?

Matte: : lacking or deprived of luster or gloss: as a: having a usually smooth even surface free from shine or highlights (matte metals) (a matte finish) b : having a rough or granular surface

Glossy: 1 : having a surface luster or brightness (rich glossy leather)

Through these definitions, we can determine that matte, while capable of being either rough or smooth, is the opposite of glossy. Matte: without shine. Glossy: with shine/brightness.

Orly's contradictory description of their Plastix collection is intriguing but leaves me utterly bewildered. How will this polish be both glossy and matte? What "vintage class trend" does Plastix evoke? I'm not sure anyone ever seriously donned plastic on their nails. The idea of plastic or rubber being a fall fashion trend sounds a bit terrifying but I guess only time will tell. Finally, since when is Orly the pioneer of "cutting edge colors, technology, and textures?" Don't get me wrong, I do think Orly makes quality polishes but this bit of self flattery is hilarious. Note the description of the two of the colors: Retro Red is a "traditional red" and Old School Orange is "classic orange."* This whole write up is a complete mess and isn't helping the company's reputation as a sort of runner up in salon nail brands. Come on, Orly, get it together!

Perhaps, the "Plastix" finish will be similar to frosted glass. Now, that's something I could go for. Hopefully Orly will send out a follow up description or swatches soon to clear up the confusion. Never a dull day in the nail world!

*The other two colors are a little more unique with Viridian Vinyl, a "glossy blue green," and Purple Pleather, the "shiny purple" of the bunch.

Thank you to for the write up, descriptions, and photograph. See the link for yourself:

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