Friday, July 30, 2010

So, There Is Heart in the Beauty Industry....

Most of us who are regular followers of the beauty industry and their non-stop cycle of collections are well aware of the outrage surrounding MAC's Rodarte collection. When Temptalia first released the names and information about the Fall 2010 collection, I was immediately surprised and upset to see that both MAC and Rodarte (as they were collaborating) showed so little concern for the women of Juarez in the distasteful naming of their collection. Many other beauty bloggers and followers felt the same way and these two blogs do a great job exploring the issues at hand: Married to the Mirror and Pink Sith.

However, I come here to post in happiness that MAC and Rodarte have decided to donate 100% of their profit from this collection to a new Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative. Originally, the company announced that they'd donate $100,000 from sales and rename the products. I'm equally impressed by the heartfelt and seemingly sincere apologies by both companies.

Although I clearly love beauty, fashion and that whole sphere, I do feel it's always important to be a concerned global citizen. Say what you will but I would never feel right by from a collection that capitalized on the suffering of others (especially other women) and I'm glad that MAC and Rodarte saw the error of their ways. What do you think? Will you purchase from this collection since it benefits charity? Do you think consumers overreacted or were you in the same boat as me?

To read more about the decision and the upcoming collection, check out Temptalia's post.

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Marianne said...

Amazing! I'm so glad they're donating all the proceeds as well.