Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How To: Brush Holder!

Many of you have probably seen the Sephora inspired makeup brush holders on websites and beauty blogs. They are so simple to make and great for storing brushes in an attractive and practical way! I used to store my makeup in a brush roll, which is great for travel by the way, but found the roll got dirty quickly. So, check out my take on the Sephora inspired makeup brush holder.

Isn't it cute if I do say so myself? It was easy and quick to make and very cheap!

What I Used:

-Glass Vase from Michael's Craft Store (approx. $5.00)
-Flat Marbles (often found in floral/candle section of craft stores) in peachy pink colors (approx. $4.50)
-A thin Pink Ribbon & tape (approx. $1.00)
-Scrapbooking 3-D Butterfly Stickers (approx. $2.50)

Total Cost: around $13.00

The best thing about this craft is how customizable it is! Alternatively, you can change up the ribbon, beads, and stickers to create a completely different look. Or try painting the glass with appropriate paint. Others have used plastic containers and paint pens for an easy way to add a personal touch and design.

Some websites (including glitzy-glam.com) sell premade brush holders but I recommend making your own. You'll save money on the overall cost and of course, shipping and be able to personalize the holder to your own style.

Let me know what you think! I've been reaching for brushes that I'd previously forgotten about now that they're on display. What is your brush storage system?

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